Peter Stevens Estates Limited. Registered Office: Causewayhead, Silloth, Cumbria CA7 4PE. Reg. No. 04665155
Small Industrial Units
Brighouse Business Village Middlesbrough
745 - 4,750 sqft

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Office Suite A
Stratus House
Hindley Green

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Unit 20

Rufford Court




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Unit 2K
Brighouse Business Village
950 sqft

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helping companies to manage the transition process

016973 31937

Having the right industrial premises and landlords who care, means that we can concentrate on the business, without having to worry about the
little things...

Alan Bunce, Padgate Appliances

If you are thinking of moving into Warrington, or need additional space to expand, then speak to us first...

Peter Stevens Estates offers a wide range of incentives to make the transition easier...

Our Warrington site is well maintained and through regular contact with
Richard or Alan, we know that should any problems develop, they would be
dealt with immediately...

Tom Morris, Manager EXB (UK) Ltd

From experience, we know that our customers want a completely clean and refurbished unit to move into. This is why we heavily invest in updating our units, so they are amongst the best in the industry...

Richard Stevens, Director, Peter Stevens Estates

Peter Stevens Estates are the perfect landlords, being both visible and giving us the flexibility, we need as a small business...

Chris MacArty, Metal-Kraft Design

We take pride in ensuring that all of our units are refurbished to the highest standard, ensuring that incoming tenants can focus on their business and not on the property...

Richard Stevens, Director, Peter Stevens Estates

If you need the flexibility to expand and don't want to be trapped by penalty clauses, then we offer the best solutions for your business...

No other landlords offered us anything close...
Tenant, Rufford Court